JPDL x Yogi Beats


West country lyrical bandit JDPL tags up with furry beat fuser Yogi Beats for this killer album on new label Played Out. More of a full banquet than a picnic basket, both acts tap into that classic hip hop source with clever samplecraft and witty wordplay to create a full and timeless journey. Think formative Braintax and Low Life, Yogi's penchant for dusty soul and jazz licks provide the perfect space and tone for J's tales as he pokes fun at the world, hip hop culture's less desirable foibles and ultimately himself. From the Protection-era Massive Attack sultriness of "Lazy Afternoon" to the piano tickling freakery and Ugly Duckling style feels of "Rhyme About Nothing", together JDPL and Yogi Beats have made an album that sounds ace now... And is gonna sound even better when the sun starts shining. Play it out, play it proud.
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